Below you’ll find some of the nice things our clients have said about our web copywriting…without bribes!

“We’ve reviewed the content and we’re really happy with the tone used and how you’ve made the content simple to understand – no jargon – which is great! Thanks a million.”
Yvonne Murray, Team Leader Marketing Communications, Data#3.

“Thanks again for suggesting and introducing us to Business Copywriter. They delivered the first content yesterday and it’s awesome! You made it to hero of the month! Thanks so much. Just perfect.”
Frederique Worch, Accor Plus.

“Thanks again for your effort with all of the copy – you really have gone above and beyond! It’s been an absolute delight to work with you. You’ve been so reliable and supportive throughout the process and made me proud to be part of the project team with you.”
Kate Levy, Webqem.

“Love them!!! I know I thank you all the time and tell you how great your work is however I want you to know how much I really appreciate the work you do. It truly is fabulous and always professional. You honestly make my job so much easier and you are worth every single penny. So, thanks again.”
Karina Taylor-James, Account Director, Finished Art Workshop.

Thought you’d like to know that the site is now live! We’re all really happy with the result and our client is too. So thanks again for your professionalism, and quality end deliverable. Look forward to working with you again in the near future.”
Lachlan Gray, Producer, webqem.

“I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we are with what you have done with all the piles of content we supplied. You’ve successfully compiled all the necessary elements into a brochure that makes pure logical sense out of it.”
Peter Venero, Creative Director, www.Creatiqmedia.com

“Thank you once again! I can always rely on the fact that the copy you write for us is on brief and turned around very quickly. I wish everyone I deal with was as easy to work with as you!”
Col George, Creative Director, CAS.

“We have worked together across a large variety of projects on the Microsoft account, everything from email and newsletter communications to full website copy and online advertising, and we continue to be extremely impressed with his work. He not only writes with a firm understanding of the target audience and our objectives in mind, but also has the ability to think strategically about the communications in a way that most writers are not capable of.”
Barbara Mitchell, Group Account Director, OneMedia.

"Thanks, your copy was fantastic (as has been all of it). Just like to say, that your copy has done wonders for our websites. It’s boosted our sales, and our customers have started to ask less ‘silly’ questions, so thanks so much for all your work!"
Eddie Machaalani, www.interspire.com

“Here’s an update on our conference bookings. We now have 270 registrations for the conference with a target of 250 so we hit our targets and then some. They are now looking to try and accommodate up to 300 so the client is v happy. Bang up job :)
Dylan Connerton, Project Manager, OneDigital

“Wanted to say top work on our website and promotional material for the national launch of www.brewtopia.com.au and our custom designed beer – the response so far has been fantastic! Speak soon…”
Liam Mulhall, Managing Director, www.brewtopia.com.au, www.blowfly.com.au

“I was very happy with all of the copy and also the ease with which you were able to move ahead from my briefing. Thank you for all your work.”
Sean Patrick Ganann, creative director, NetX Australia.

“Thanks for all your help with the Microsoft for Partners web copywriting and campaign copy. As usual your professionalism, creativity and understanding of the audience made my job a lot easier. The client and customer feedback so far has been fantastic. Look forward to working with you again soon. Thanks again.”
Tereza Alexandratos, Account Manager, OneDigital.

“Eclipse engaged Business Copywriter to research, collate and write a series of case studies for our company website. They have a great writing style that’s clear and intelligent.”
Christian Tan, Client Services, Eclipse Group.

“Business Copywriter has helped us out of many tight and stressful situations. Their ability to quickly grasp what needs to be written and then produce it in a professional manner, has been fantastic.”
Anna Keohan, Catalogue Manager, Freedom.

“We used Business Copywriter to write website, media and email copy. They've got a great knack for translating complex technical briefs into clear, simple language. Plus, they're always reliable – even under the tightest of deadlines.”
Katrina Gibson, Senior Copy Editor, OneDigital.

“Thanks again. It’s a pleasure working with you. I haven’t had a chance to tell you too that all your markings on the proof reading have been wonderful – so thorough and very easy to follow. Thanks so much for a job well done!”
Casey Weathers, Marketing & Communications Manager, Lush Australasia Retail.

“Whether it’s website copy or corporate documents, Business Copywriter has been a valuable resource for Snap Printing. Not only do they write professional and effective copy, their ability to provide fast turnaround on projects has been a huge help to us on more than one occasion.”
Bronwen Gapps, National Manager Franchise Development, Snap Franchising Ltd.

“Thanks for all your help with the product packaging and new web copywriting and site structure for the launch of the latest TypeQuick keyboard programs. Your help with clear and simple messages was invaluable and your layout ideas were a big help too! A pleasure to work with and a great result…”
Clair North, Product Development, www.typequick.com.au

“Phenomenal as always! Thank you so much for all of your work – everything looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get this into production.”
Peter Venero, Creative Director, www.creatiqmedia.com

“This is great work. I had spent a good deal of time getting both documents into the shape they were in when I sent them to you and to be truthful was wondering what value I would get from you. How wrong I was. It just goes to show how much value an expert can add in their field. Thanks again.”
Eddie Smith, Principal, www.salesschematics.com.au