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Listen to music while you work?

If you listen to music while you work and you have a broadband connection (preferably unlimited), read on. I’m sure plenty of you are way ahead of me, but this is easily the best thing I’ve found on the net in the last year or so.

How business partnerships work

Can business partnerships help you grow your business without getting paid? Possibly. One way is to help a client build a business by putting the value of your expertise on the line.

When to start your own business

How do you know exactly when the time is just right to take the plunge and start your own business? The answer is surprisingly simple: never.

Faster decision making by caring less

Soloists are generally 110% passionate about what they’re doing. Passion is a good thing, right? Maybe not when it comes to effective decision making.

Business branding: Are you a Virgin?

When it comes to your business branding, rather than trying to emulate others, it’s more revealing to look in the mirror.

The joy of starting a side business

“Ditch the corporate job and go it alone” they say “Life is not a rehearsal!” But realistically, it’s hard to chuck in a good job. Have you considered starting a side business?

4 steps to getting customer testimonials

Getting impressive customer testimonials on your website or marketing collateral is a very powerful way to win new business. But how do you get them?