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We are the soul traders

Describing a ‘typical’ solo business owner is like trying to describe an ‘average’ person. But as diverse as we are, those in the flourishing soloist movement share many tribal similarities.

Your future depends on your devoted dozen

You might have 100 Facebook friends, 250 LinkedIn connections and 500 Twitter followers, but when push comes to shove, your long-term success relies on the support of just 12 individuals.

Lose the busy competition

Meetings, deadlines, multi-tasking, smart phones, caffeine and chaos: it seems business is all about busyness. Ask people how they are and you’ll often get “Mate! Busy!”

Why can’t we live like we did that summer?

It seems to me that everyone has a golden age in the past or a vision of the future where everything seems idyllic. The question is, why is that time not right now?

I am an introvert. Now they tell me!

Ever since I started working from home, a question I often get asked is “Don’t you miss the social aspect of the office?” My response of “Not at all!” often raises an eyebrow.

The power of less: Four things to stop

Since reading ‘The Power of Less’ by Leo Babauta, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of minimalism in business, and life. Its promise: Do less. Get more done.

Three rules of life

You may not take him for a great philosopher or self-help guru, but I found the rules of life Jerry Seinfeld shared on Denton’s Enough Rope a few years back very inspiring for business and life.

Is it just me… or is EVERYONE a freelancer these days?

When I first went out on my own in 2002, Google seemed to think I was the only ‘Sydney Copywriter’ in existence (well, me and Glenn Murray!) Today, there are 462k results. In fact, there are thousands of experts on tap for anything you need. So, what to do?

What makes a good life?

“What keeps us healthy and happy as we go through life? If you were going to invest now in your future best self, where would you put your energy?” So begins a TED talk on the world’s longest happiness study. The answer is clear, but not easy.

Meet Crocks: Australia’s #1 bloke

Imagine if we spoke about ourselves the way some businesses speak about themselves. Imagine no more, Crocks is using marketing jargon and talking himself up.

Live and work as if this year was your last

Death. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. It seems to be going around. Just this month, I’ve heard of the loss of Uncle Jack, a lovely kindergarten teacher and a great friend’s father. We’re all in its shadow.

Dear Business, I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but we need to talk about ‘us’

We’ve shared some incredible times, you and I. What a rollercoaster! But – and I know you’ve noticed too – things have changed. We need …