Where do you do your best thinking?

by Steve Manning

Ok, I’ll admit it. Some of my best ideas occur when I’m naked. Yes that’s right – the shower is the place where I often do my best thinking.

And that got me thinking (in the shower of course); where do other soloists come up with their bright ideas and solutions to life’s problems? Is there a certain place or time of the day when their mind is at its clearest and most productive?

Perhaps it’s a brisk walk in the morning. Maybe others just relax on the balcony with a cuppa. Or dare I say it; perhaps sitting on the loo works for some.

Wherever your ‘thinking place’ may be, it’s important for soloists to regularly take time out to reflect and re-charge. It’s great to have a space or an activity that you know will really clear your mind and let you get on with some constructive thinking.

The problem is, I often find there’s no pen or paper around when the way to reverse old age suddenly dawns on me. It’s a real bummer, because I’m sure my solution will appeal to millions (and quite possibly make me millions).

Therefore, it’s good to always have quick access to a notepad, diary or palm pilot to capture and document the light bulb moments. And when I say light bulb moments, it could be as simple as remembering to email an important client or making a note to improve something on your website.

They may seem like tiny thoughts, but by jotting them down and then actioning them, they could make a big difference to your business.

So where do you do your best thinking? Let us know your thoughts.

And as I like to practice what I preach, does anyone know where I can get a waterproof notepad and pen for the shower? I’m tired of picking soggy paper out of the drain.